Wireless Internet Wi-Max

WiMAX  is a Future Technology Wireless and is an abbreviation of the words Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, meaning «processes mutual global private ultrasound is very short (Microwave)» In other words, "also left the world landlines and replaced them with those mobile phones, the WiMAX have the same effect and can replace the DSL technology used in homes to enter the international information network quickly. means that once you run your computer will be automatically connected to the nearest antenna WiMAX system of the device to enter through to the international information network.

Speed Speed  will reach  4 MB depend on distance from the station
Package   Home Regular Premium Premium+
Static Mobile Static Mobile
Monthly fees
5000YR 5000YR 12500YR 12500YR
8GB 4GB 22GB 12GB
Subscription fees
CPE(modem )types
Outdoor + Indoor Dongle Outdoor + Indoor Dongle
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