How to create website using Parallels Plesk Panel

1 -  Browse the following link of control panel web page address

https://yourdomain name :8443

2 – please  Choose

 Enter user name(your domain name without www. ) and password

 3-  You can create a database from

The tables creation and the data inserting  by  execute scripts.

4-you can upload your website files over ftp program as filezilla (using your domain name ,ftp user and password) be careful to upload files to httpdocs folder.
You can upload files using Plesk control panel by file manager then press httpdocs folder then you can add file or directory .

5-  You can chang administrator password from website administrator

6 – You can check your website resources from Rescores manager(the available space and the expiry date) .

7 – for farther  territorials visit download center